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Working papers

Environmental Resource Scarcity and Peaceful Co-existence between Refugees and Host Communities in Uganda

with Yuki Tabata, 2022

Basis Risk and Low Demand for Weather Index Insurance

with Wataru Kodama and Takeshi Sakurai, 2022

“News from the Sky: An Empirical Test of Forward-looking Behavior among Zambian Farmers” with Takeshi Sakurai. 2021. [WP]

“Intrahousehold Bargaining and Agricultural Technology Adoption: Experimental Evidence from Zambia” with Yoko Kijima and Takeshi Sakurai. 2020. [WP] (under review)

“The Impact of Formal Insurance Provision on Farmer Behavior: Evidence from Rural Zambia” with Takeshi Sakurai. 2015. [WP]


“Incomplete Information Sharing within the Household: Evidence from Participation in Agricultural Training in Zambia” 2021. (with Yoko Kijima and Takeshi Sakurai) Japanese Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 23, pp.89-94. [link] [WP]

“Shock and Livestock Transactions in Rural Zambia: a Re-examination of the Buffer Stock Hypothesis” 2012. (with Hiromitsu Kanno and Takeshi Sakurai) Japanese Journal of Rural Economics, Vol.14, pp.20-34. [link]

“Measuring Resilience of Household Consumption-The Case of the Southern Province of Zambia” 2011. (with Takeshi Sakurai, Akiko Nasuda, Akinori Kitsuki, Taro Yamauchi, and Hiromitsu Kanno) Journal of Rural Economics, Special Issue, pp.393-400. [link]

Work in progress

“Does Our President Make Me Attractive?: Evidence from the Marriage Market, Zambia”

Permanent working paper

“The Effectiveness of Community-Based Development in Poverty Reduction: A Descriptive Analysis of a Women-Managed NGO in Rural Pakistan” (with Hidayat Ullah Khan and Takashi Kurosaki) PRIMCED Discussion Paper No.13. [link]

Journal articles in Japanese

山添大輔・浅見淳之・三浦憲, 2022. 戦前期農村の社会階層におけるシグナリング―昭和恐慌期の交際費と冠婚葬祭費―『農業経済研究』第93巻第4号 pp.377-382.

三浦憲・櫻井武司, 2012. 誰が天候インデックス保険を購入するのか : ザンビア農村における販売実験『日本農業経済学会論文集』第84巻第5号 pp.442-449.

櫻井武司、那須田晃子、木附晃実、三浦憲、菅野洋光、山内太郎, 2011. 「家計の脆弱性と回復力-ザンビアの事例-」『経済研究』第62巻第2号 pp.166-187.


週刊東洋経済Plus「給付金の政策効果は誰が受け取るかで変わる」経済学者が読み解く現代社会のリアル (2020年9月26日号) 参考文献