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Working papers

Environmental Resource Scarcity and Peaceful Co-existence between Refugees and Host Communities in Uganda

with Yuki Tabata, 2022 (Under review) [WP]

Knowledge, Attitude, and Protective Behavior against Pesticide Health Risks: The Case of Vegetable Farmers in Northern Vietnam

with Vien Dinh, 2022 (Under review) [WP]

Basis Risk and Low Demand for Weather Index Insurance

with Wataru Kodama and Takeshi Sakurai, 2022 (Submitted) [WP]

“News from the Sky: An Empirical Test of Forward-looking Behavior among Zambian Farmers” with Takeshi Sakurai. 2021. [WP]

“Intrahousehold Bargaining and Agricultural Technology Adoption: Experimental Evidence from Zambia” with Yoko Kijima and Takeshi Sakurai. 2020. [WP]

“The Impact of Formal Insurance Provision on Farmer Behavior: Evidence from Rural Zambia” with Takeshi Sakurai. 2015. [WP]


“Building Resilience for Food and Nutrition Security in Africa: Focusing on Small-Scale Farmers” 2023. (with Chieko Umetsu) Journal of Rural Problems, Vol. 59 (1), pp.53-59. [link]

“Incomplete Information Sharing within the Household: Evidence from Participation in Agricultural Training in Zambia” 2021. (with Yoko Kijima and Takeshi Sakurai) Japanese Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 23, pp.89-94. [link] [WP]

“Shock and Livestock Transactions in Rural Zambia: a Re-examination of the Buffer Stock Hypothesis” 2012. (with Hiromitsu Kanno and Takeshi Sakurai) Japanese Journal of Rural Economics, Vol.14, pp.20-34. [link]

“Measuring Resilience of Household Consumption-The Case of the Southern Province of Zambia” 2011. (with Takeshi Sakurai, Akiko Nasuda, Akinori Kitsuki, Taro Yamauchi, and Hiromitsu Kanno) Journal of Rural Economics, Special Issue, pp.393-400. [link]

Work in progress

“Does Our President Make Me Attractive?: Evidence from the Marriage Market, Zambia”

Permanent working paper

“The Effectiveness of Community-Based Development in Poverty Reduction: A Descriptive Analysis of a Women-Managed NGO in Rural Pakistan” (with Hidayat Ullah Khan and Takashi Kurosaki) PRIMCED Discussion Paper No.13. [link]

Journal articles in Japanese

山添大輔・浅見淳之・三浦憲, 2022. 戦前期農村の社会階層におけるシグナリング―昭和恐慌期の交際費と冠婚葬祭費―『農業経済研究』第93巻第4号 pp.377-382.

三浦憲・櫻井武司, 2012. 誰が天候インデックス保険を購入するのか : ザンビア農村における販売実験『日本農業経済学会論文集』第84巻第5号 pp.442-449.

櫻井武司、那須田晃子、木附晃実、三浦憲、菅野洋光、山内太郎, 2011. 「家計の脆弱性と回復力-ザンビアの事例-」『経済研究』第62巻第2号 pp.166-187.


週刊東洋経済Plus「給付金の政策効果は誰が受け取るかで変わる」経済学者が読み解く現代社会のリアル (2020年9月26日号) 参考文献